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 Hunger releases insatiable new single ‘Bubbles’

Daniel Rumpel, Johannes Herbst and Lucas Fendrich have been friends since childhood. They formed Hunger in 2014 with the intention of creating a dark and cinematic sound. Disregarding standard song structures they focused on tone and invoking feeling through their music. Armed with their demos, they set up in a borrowed apartment on the outskirts of Vienna and built their studio.

But it was their studio experience with British producer Dan Weller that changed their perspective. While still sticking to the dark roots that was HUNGER, they turned up with a more vast and retentive sound.

Their music has been featured on the soundtrack for Netflix’s ’13 Reasons Why’, the Viennese Fashion Week and a commercial spot on Waves Vienna – an Austrian showcase festival. They have toured extensively playing at festivals such as Out Of The Woods Festival sharing the stage with the likes of Alt-J, Phoenix, Feist, Sohn, Milky Chance, and The Strumbellas.

Regardless of the negative connotations that come with the word, HUNGER wanted to bring a more positive feeling with the moniker; the way they feel about music. And listening to them, you cannot get enough.

Announcing their Amused EP due for release November 3rd via YYODA Records, the trio have shared the singles 'Bubbles' and 'Amused'.  Deviating from their usual sound, the band takes a softer more melodic approach blending alt-rock and synth pop.  “‘Bubbles' is our love anthem about the thin red line in between pain and pleasure” says the band.

Chelsea Wolfe's "Hiss Spun" Is Out - Listen To '16 Psyche'

American singer/songwriter Chelsea Wolfe  has released six studio albums and various other works, including promotional material for television and film (Game of Thrones, Fear The Walking Dead).

After taking the underground realm by storm, Chelsea Wolfe has since risen to critical acclaim. Her music can be best described as a mix between doom and folk, though she has been known to dabble in electronica and metal too, among the many, many influences she currently holds dear.

Wolfe’s seventh album, titled Hiss Spun was released via Sargent House on 22 September 2017.

Listen to '16 Psyche' below:

Watch Soulitaire's ‘New Breed’ video

Martin Rotheneder cut his teeth on music.  The Austrian indie singer-songwriter picked up the guitar at age 6, plucking away at afro-funk tunes and finger-style guitar. Although he had a love for drumming, the guitar won in the end and he trained in both classical and jazz guitar at Gustav Mahler Conservatory in Vienna.

Although he has a list of previous releases releases under various monikers, Soulitaire was an opportunity to wipe the slate clean and approach a new sound, combining both percussion and strumming with just his acoustic. Known for his sliding guitar technique and creating a drum and bass sound with his 6-string, he effortlessly straddles the thin line between classic and contemporary.  

Soulitaire is set to release his self-produced album I Believe In Rainbows on 10th November via Violet Noise Records. The album marks his tenth release both solo and collaboratively since 2004. As a teaser to the album he has shared his first single, the guitar-driven ‘New Breed’.

Soulitaire speaks of the inspiration behind the track: "The song is about hope. A look through all the anxiety and desperation right into a time when those deliberate and warm hearted people that are young adults today will become the next architects of our world. They will look back to learn and look forward to building upon those experiences. And then there will again be hard times to struggle with and again someone will be there to learn to make it better. Because that’s how life is: Waves. Quite beautiful actually, if you watch them from a distance."

Watch the video for 'New Breed' and stream here.

Listen to El Ten Eleven's 'Unusable Love'

El Ten Eleven are a two piece instrumental post-rock duo from Los Angeles, California. The band is best known for their use of extensive looping, double-neck guitar and bass antics and bridging a fine line between acoustic and electronic drumming.

The band was formed in 2002 by Kristian Dunn and Tim Fogarty, and since then the pair have walked many paths within creating instrumental music, from loop-centric pop to bass driven dance.

With a weighted bulk of material behind them, they have released six studio albums, a remix album and a handful of EPs throughout their lifespan.

El Ten Eleven released a brand new four track EP titled Unusable Love in August this year, featuring vocals performed by Emile Mosseri (The Dig), this would mark the first time the band had ever utilized vocals in their music. It has definitely proven that their writing abilities exceed any concerning expectations.

Listen below:

Darto releases their latest album “Human Giving"

Darto's Human Giving has been released via Aagoo Records. Ranging from rock and pop to Americana and psych, the  foursome mention on their website that they have taken quite a few risks as a step towards something larger and describe it as "the most intentional musical experience they have encountered."

The album proves this as each song has a different feel to it. ‘I Am’ has been described as giving the listener a feeling of being in a dreamlike state. ‘Character Study’ has a psychedelic feel to it while ‘American Storyteller’ plays out like a movie scene.

This is what they had to say about the album: “We didn’t play shows or hardly go to shows for a year and a half to write and record the album. The album comes from the places within us where hope and love exist. Where the focus is not on the self; and suddenly everything is possible. Humans giving themselves to other humans. The power of listening on all fronts.”

They shared the enigmatic ‘No Self’ video directed by Gordon De Los Santos which you can watch here:

Poignant video for The Ghibertins 'Where We are Now'

The Ghibertins have just released their new track 'Where Are We Now' accompanied by a moving music video.

Hailing from Milan, The Ghibertins are in the process of recording a full album, set for release later this year. Their previous singles 'Breathe For Me' and 'The Less I Know The Better' were released earlier this year and caught the attention of a string of tastemaker publications, garnering support from Clash Magazine, Konbini and Noctis Mag.

Fittingly, the release date is a day after the commemoration of 9/11, as the track is an interesting commentary on our current social and political climate, with lyrics like "Cluster bombs falling down, child soldiers marching out for a reason claimed to be so profound.We can hate and spill our blood while our nations are at war. The religion we don’t share wiped us away."

Described in the press release as "simple, sweeping guitars laid over evolving drums, tied together by an emotionally rich vocal delivery - with a nostalgic instrumental ending," 'Where Are We Now' encourages us as the listener to question the world we live in, and our motivations for hate and prejudice.

Watch 'Where Are We Now' below or stream on Soundcloud. The track can be purchased here.

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Vessels to release fourth album 'The Great Distraction'

Vessels are an electronic post-rock band from Leeds, West Yorkshire, England. To date they have released a number of singles, EPs, as well as 3 full length albums.

With a 4th album on the way, slated for release on September 29th, The Great Distraction sees Vessels shifting from ambient electronic to a more dance oriented sound.

Preview their new single "Mobilise" from their forthcoming album below.

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